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Don't let the #1 Cause of Divorce Ruin You Marriage

Does every marriage have problems?

Every marriage, like any relationship, will inevitably face challenges.

Honestly, in my over 25 years of experience, viewing marriage as a contract is how it goes wrong.

This is primarily because we are all sinners, as mentioned in scriptures like Romans 3:23, which states, ‘For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.’ Our imperfections mean that having a flawless relationship is impossible. Married couples, even the best of friends, will encounter marital problems at some point in their journey.

Common problems such as financial issues, lack of communication, and unrealistic expectations can strain the marital relationship.

In fact, relationship experts like John Gottman have identified perpetual problems that persist in long-term relationships, emphasizing that it’s not the existence of problems but how couples address them that determines the health of their marriage.

Quality time, understanding each other’s needs, and open communication are essential for a healthy relationship.

However, even with these in place, issues like money problems or external pressures from family members can arise.

It’s also worth noting that some red flags, such as domestic violence or physical abuse, are severe and require immediate attention.

In the face of these challenges, it’s crucial for couples to remember the foundation of their bond and the commitment they made in the first place.

While every marriage might have its tough times, with mutual respect, understanding, and the guidance of God’s word, positive changes can be made, and couples can navigate their way to a healthier, more fulfilling married life.

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