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Don't let the #1 Cause of Divorce Ruin You Marriage

What causes lack of communication in marriage?

There are many causes for lack of communication in marriage.

In over 20 years of research, I have discovered that there are often 20 common marriage problems that all stem from these 20 things.

One major factor is the lack of emotional intimacy.

Unresolved conflicts can also pile up, leading to a breakdown in communication.

Basically, here is the idea.

We aren’t perfect. This is actually the #1 cause of marriage problems..

Because of that, we will commit sins, directly or indirectly, purposely or subconsciously, and those sins will cause problems in our being.

An external shock or sudden change in circumstances can also strain communication.

Then, whoever we are ‘being’ in a relationship will suffer, as a result.

A lack of active listening and not engaging in meaningful conversations can further exacerbate the issue.

How do you overcome these problems?

You overcome these problems by having an ongoing relationship with Jesus.

The more you deepen that relationship, the clearer you will ‘see yourself’.

Honest communication with your partner is also crucial.

When you see yourself, then you have an opportunity to make changes.

Repair attempts after conflicts can help mend the rifts.

Read books and apply solutions.

Listen to marriage podcasts and apply their tips.

Busy schedules can sometimes be a hindrance, but it’s essential to make time for your partner. Ask people that you trust, or even an objective third party, to share with you ways you can improve as a person, then make easy steps to improve.

A common issue many overlook is the lack of respect; ensuring mutual respect can go a long way.

Or, if you want to save time, you can book a free call, and I can help you save time and frustration.

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