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How to improve communication in marriage?

Before I answer that, let me ask you some other questions. Why is communication in marriage so difficult? What causes the lack of communication in marriage?

Those questions need to be asked in order to lay the foundation for the primary question. 

Let’s address the first question.

Why is communication in marriage so difficult?

Communication in marriage is difficult because we are two individuals that are seeing the world as we know it and experience it in two different ways

It’s ok that we don’t see the world the same way. Oftentimes, differences in people attract them to each other because they are complimented by the differences. 

When does it become a problem?

 It becomes a problem when either one spouse or both spouses seek to control the other spouse with their worldview. 

Versus, merging the worldviews so both of the world views forms ‘one’ merged world as a couple versus two individuals. 

But wait, won’t I lose my individuality?

That’s a complicated question to answer through text. Book your free coaching call here, and we can talk about it. 

The short answer is, you can merge worlds and still keep your individuality if it is done correctly. 

What causes lack of communication in marriage?

For over 20 years, I have closely observed communication in marriages, and have found that the most common cause of communication problems is the presence of unaddressed character flaws.

In other words, the issues that were present in your character before entering a relationship are likely to persist, and may manifest in communication problems within your marriage. 

For instance, if you were a consistent liar before entering the relationship, it is unlikely that this behavior would suddenly change.”

Work on your flaws while you are single, to have a better relationship and marriage. 

How to improve communication in marriage?

Improve the ‘you’ going into the relationship.
Many people improve their finances, education, and physical appearance for a relationship.

As if, what someone sees is the only thing they are going to be married to.

I’m not saying improving one’s finances, education or physical appearance isn’t important.

But, shouldn’t self-improvement go a little deeper than that?

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