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Don't let the #1 Cause of Divorce Ruin You Marriage

What questions to ask a bride before marriage?

1. Faith and Values: If you’re both Christians, I assume you are looking for to love and be loved like our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. A great starting point would be questions on faith and values. Ask her about her beliefs and how she envisions incorporating religious practices into your shared life. 

Knowing answers to questions like this will help you avoid the five problems of marriage.

Questions could include: How important is faith to you? How do you see us practicing our faith together as a couple? What are your thoughts on prayer and Bible study as a couple

2. Family Planning: The Bible values family highly and this is a topic that should definitely be on your discussion list.

Ask about her views on children – does she want them, how many, and what religious values would she want to instill in them?

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3. Marriage Roles: Biblical principles outline certain roles for spouses.

Ask her about her expectations in this regard.

What does she think about roles within a marriage?

How does she envision decision-making processes or conflict resolutions? 

4. Character and Virtues: The Bible emphasizes virtues like kindness, patience, forgiveness, etc.

Ask her about the virtues she values most and those she’s working on.

This can provide insight into her character and moral compass.

 5. Attachment Styles: Moving away from the biblical perspective, attachment theory plays a crucial role in understanding how individuals behave in relationships.

Ask about her attachment style – is she secure, anxious, avoidant, or disorganized?

Knowing this can help you both navigate potential relationship challenges. 

6. Handling Stress & Conflict: Linked with attachment theory, how does she handle stress or conflict?

Does she tend to withdraw or wants to resolve issues immediately?

This can help anticipate how to manage disagreements or tough situations in the future. 

7. Expectations: Lastly, ask about her expectations from marriage and you as a spouse.

This is crucial to ensure you’re both on the same page and can work together to build a happy, fulfilling life.

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