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Don't let the #1 Cause of Divorce Ruin You Marriage

June 2024

What are some common marriage problems?

20 Common Marriage Problems That Leads to Divorce

Navigating common marriage problems such as financial stress and a lack of intimacy can be daunting. Couples therapy plays a crucial role in addressing these challenges, promoting open communication and fostering a healthy relationship over time. Consulting with a family therapist helps identify real issues and negative patterns, encouraging personal growth while addressing red flags like physical abuse or mental health issues. Regular date nights are also essential, providing opportunities for positive changes that nurture intimacy and strengthen marital bonds. By actively engaging in these strategies, couples can effectively tackle marriage problems and cultivate lasting happiness together.

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self-respect in marriage

5 Self-Respect Lessons from the Bible

As Christians, we have a powerful source of wisdom and guidance in the Bible for cultivating healthy self-respect. In this article, discover five self-respect lessons from the Bible that can help you honor God and yourself through a positive self-image, healthy boundaries, and a God-centered identity. Learn how these lessons can transform your life and strengthen your relationship with God.

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